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The secret in the process of obtaining the optimal quality of espresso coffee also consists of the predominant contribution of the machine used providing a suitable professional Espresso for pods. This is why we put at your disposal two user-friendly lever espresso machines that will ensure the quality of Caffè Janeiro. These espresso machines are suited for domestic and office use, aesthetic and easy-to-use, made for pods with a diameter of 38 and 44 mm.

Producer: Didiesse Italy


Heater block of aluminium

Patented fast decalcification

Technical specifications:

Power: 650 w

Voltage: 220/120 V

Weight: 6,5 kg

Height: 40 cm

Width: 22 cm

Depth: 32 cm


Dedicated steam system, with micropump, heater block of aluminium, resistance 1200 W, proper thermostat and fuse.


12 months


Parts avaible at any time

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