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Crema Cialde

An intense and balanced blend that arises from the most prestigious Arabica and Robusta varieties. The presence of an equal percentage of Robusta and Arabica ensures the coffee's harmony by preserving an ideal full-bodied taste with a persistent and velvety cream, without affecting the coffee flavour and smoothness. Crema Platinum is a perfect concept for bars and cafés, covering the preferences of most consumers.

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A creamy and full-bodied coffee, ideal for consumers who prefer a stronger flavour of an Italian espresso. A perfect blend of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta varieties, enabling a consistent cream with spicy tones, which is unmistakable among professional tasters. Oro Extra is designed for consumers who want a full-bodied, intense coffee, with a generous cream.

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A traditional and strong blend, preferred by consumers for their morning coffee, which will definitely put you on your feet. A premium blend, with a long-term and full-bodied taste.

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